Mission & Vision


Our vision is to become a regional leader in the field of equipping oil and gas industry and power plants driven by the gas engines.


Providing services and educate all users about innovations in equipment compressors, compressor equipment and gas engines to find their purpose in the oil and gas industry. Our specific mission is the propagation of cogeneration and trigeneration and opportunities for the production of electricity and heat as well as additional production of carbon dioxide that is used in greenhouse production of food. On the way mission, we attach great importance to the continuous improvement of knowledge of our team of employees and the use of special tools designed for the most demanding activities. Our mission involves the expansion of a network of contacts and activity in the region.

INNIO gas engines range in power from 0,3 to 10 MWe and our new diesel generator set delivers unmatched fuel efficiency, extended preventative maintenance intervals, the longest overhaul intervals and the longest design life available for high-speed diesel engines.