We maintain gas engines Waukesha and Jenbacher from the commissioning, ie inside and out of warranty period. Our team of experts is trained for all types of gas engines by Waukesha and Jenbacher and annually performs renewal of knowledge in training centers. Services are followed by the original spare parts which we are ordering and with the help of professional and special tools of the same install. All users Waukesha and Jenbacher gas engines we advise on possible improvements of the engine to ameliorate their efficiency, improve work performance, extended engine life and extend service intervals.


We maintain the flow and volume measurement systems manufacturer Smith and Sening at the highest level. We also have a sale of spare parts as a distributor of Smith and Sening's. The expert team is trained by Smith and Sening's for all applications and annually performs renewal of knowledge. STI Ltd. is also authorized metrological service for testing and verification of flow volume of all manufacturers using the newest technology on the market. We have two mobile laboratories, each with its own master scale. Our professional team is trained to work on all scales volumetric flow of petroleum products. We possess certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 17020

GE's gas engines range in power from 0,3 to 10 MWe and our new diesel generator set delivers unmatched fuel efficiency, extended preventative maintenance intervals, the longest overhaul intervals and the longest design life available for high-speed diesel engines.