OFFSHORE – Gas production in the northern Adriatic Sea. To productive platforms are supplied with electricity produced from generators driven by INNIO Waukesha engines. Currently, on the Adriatic coast is 19 platform.

ONSHORE – on the compressor stations INNIO Waukesha motors drive compressors to compress gas.



Biogas plants are fast-growing branch of getting "green energy", especially in Southeastern Europe. INNIO Jenbacher gas engines for these applications are ideal for high electrical efficiency and because of the range of applications, and the calorific value of gas that accept (15.73-25.56 MJ / Nm3). Gas as a motor fuel for INNIO Jenbacher gas engines can be obtained from various sources to produce electricity and heat energy and equip the settlements, provide an additional source of energy to existing power systems such as may be used for work in 'island mode'. Nowadays biogas to power gas engines to get out of landfills from waste water, coal mines and from biomass which can be obtained from waste wood, agricultural and animal products.