Reciprocating compressors and compressor technology


Ajax, slow speed integrated gas engine and compressor. More than 50 years Ajax integrated motor-compressor has a reputation for being as reliable as any compresor product, the effectiveness and long-term services. The product range is from 147 to 845 hp (110-630 kW). Ajax integrated technology provides lower operating and maintenance costs. Improvements over the years have been suffixed to the power and simplicity of the original design. Cooper-Bessemer, slow speed unit offers less losses for wear, extending equipment life. Reintroduction of the compressor as an integral part of the gas industry was driven by users' needs for high reliability with low total costs. This "state-of-the-art" engine is flexible, with a broad operational implementation and meets the requirements of NSPS emissions. Our service team is dedicated to keeping your equipment operating like new, offering a wide range of innovative solutions for maintenance and servicing, as well as technical upgrading and solutions. Superior, high speed detachable reciprocating compressors and motors. Superior product line is the leading provider of software for reciprocating compressors, components and services for the oil & gas production, gas transmission, gas processing and individual energy industry. Designed for time-consuming and hard work on all gas centrifuges, Superior products includes a complete line of air-cooled and water-cooled, oil  and oil free and line and unline cylinders.


Turbine specificities (TSI) - a complete production and service of turbochargers. TSI has more than 40 years of expertise gathered in everything that has to do with a turbocharged and has an enviable reputation for quality work. Today, Cooper Machinery Services offers a comprehensive parts, service, new and remanufactured turbochargers, testing, upgrades, training and replacement of units for Clark, ABB, Napier, MAN and EMD. We are the only OEM for Cooper-Bessemer, Delaval and Elliott equipment. Texcentric - new and refurbished valves for compressors. Cooper Machinery Services products Texcentric valves, assembly and parts for all types of air, gas or process/petrochemical compressor - including replacement parts and further 'in-house' engineering and manufacture of the lifting valve, the valve plate and the unloader.

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